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Cowboy Duel
Shoot your way through the ranks to become the fastest cowboy in the west. Move your crosshair into the safe area to start the countdown. After the signal, quickly line up with your enemy and be the first to shoot!

Hit him as many times in the face as possible.

Freddys Shank Fest
Be the mastermind behind rapidly growing viruses.

Blood Hands
Watch for the twitches and changes and press space to react. Be quick!

Mars War TD
Once there was a war maniacs,he launched a world war,he attempt to rule the entire world.To crush his ambitions, you must organize your line of defense to resist his army.You must do everything possible to hold your base,the peace of the world...

Lightyear Alpha
Lightyear Alpha is a width ways fighter plane shooting game.There are three mission and four boss inside.

Flavor of Love 3: Sky Romance
Help Flavor Flav make death defying skydiving formations with the girls from Flavor of Love 3.

Super Boxing
Fight like there is no tomorrow.

Spear and Katana
Fight other circles as you gain a following and defeat smarter, and better groups of enemies.

Mass Mayhem 4
Go on crazy killing sprees and destroy everything on your path. Upgrade your weapons and create total havoc!

Mad Fire
Mad fire is a fine free shooting game with 5 levels. Use stealth and accuracy to eliminate the targets. Shoot all the targets with your upgraded modern weapons to prove you’re the best around! Use your mouse to aim and shoot. You must complete...

Spongebob Battle
Sponge Bob and Patrick Star team up to fight against monsters. Help them defeat all the evil force and bring back the peace for their world. There are several levels in this game. Defeat all the monsters and bosses in each level in order to...

Mad Shark
You are the mad shark, trying to escape from the evil experiments. See how far you can get before you are terminated!

Ovcata Ninja Reincarnation
Test your dexterity and quick reactions.

Bomb It 4


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