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Gumdrop Assault
You play as an action figure that has tons of battle experience. You have been stolen by the next door neighbor! It is time you escape and reunite with your commander! Blast your way through wave after wave of enemy toys. As you progress you...

Barbarian Warrior
The Evil Sorcerer Drax has abducted the Princess to satiate his nefarious desires. A powerful warrior is sought to vanquish Drax's demonic guardians and free the Princess.

Orbital Guard


K vs K
King of Fighters style system use K and fight against K in this fighting demo.

Its Always Mummy
Pick to defend or attack in this tower defense styled game. starts easy and gets harder.

Military Units Jigsaw
Military Units Jigsaw game will take you right to the battlefield. You may smell the odor of war. You'll be able to see diverse military cars. In this game you'll be able to see a terrific image of the distinct military units that happen to be...

Splinter Cell
Play the flash version of the famous PC game Splinter Cell

Stick Dude Killing Arena Game
Find other stickmen and shoot, and slice them to pieces as you make it to the exit.

Stickman Madness 3 - Stronghold
Keep the stickmen from reaching your base as you shoot them. Upgrade to new weapons and more.

Mr TeongDu
Kill your enemies in this MapleStory-like sidescroller fighting game. Don't let them hit you first!

Zombie Plague
The player must survive from zombies attack within a certain time. There are 10 kinds of weapons, 9 kinds of zombies and 5 kinds of battle areas in this game. If a player dies before time runs out then the game is finished.

Killer Affairs - The Vindictive Vendetta
Battle through 3 levels of intense action and mayhem using 5 powerful weapons in your arsenal. Get your vengeance and annihilate the final boss.

Eukarion Tales
Click around to move your character, and attack. Open chests and keep a power inventory.

Blue Midget Walker
Walk down the streets in your giant robot, shooting down soldiers, tanks, helicopters and avoiding civilians.

Space Killer
Gun down enemies in this top-down space shooter as you manage health and guns.

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