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Flying Saucers
Neutralize for as many enemy units as you can.

Hokus-Pokus Bum
This is a version of the standard bomber game enriched in a few bonuses and figures of enemies who are trying to get your life.

2112 Cooperation - Chapter 1
As enemies appear shoot their cloak off and then blast them. Play single player or coop.

Monster Contest
Cleavers, magic spells, and Zombie spit. It's Pong with a Monster twist.

Princess Bride - The Fire Swamp
Rodents of Unusual Size are the least of your worries in the Fire Swamp.

Polar Bear Payback


Motel Connection
Control your squad as you move into other enemy areas and use each of your players to fight them off.

Face d Race
Be prepared for an adventurous car race. On your way the ducks would attack you with the black bombs, thus reducing your life. Use the spanners that eject from your car to shoot the ducks and to grab apples from the trees, and you score up...

Fire in the Hole 2
Take out the bad guys as you move upwards. Take out soldiers, tanks, and turrets with 10 weapons.

Flying Ninja
A Help kakashi Fight all the ninja and protect konoha from it.

Boxing Token
This is a boxing game played using a token. Drag and drop your token to the arena. The farther the distance traveled by the token, the stronger the attack is. Choose items to be equipped. Each level will unlock new item. Level up your...

Ball Barrage Shooting


Super Samurai Sweeper
Super Samurai Sweeper is an excellent mix between the classic minesweeper game and samurai fighter action game. You are on a mission to fight against the Seven Daimyos and their Shogun. So open carefully and wisely the tiles to beat your...

Turkey Attack
A sidescrolling turkey attacking game. Watch out for blades coming out of the ground.

Momento Manhunt
This game may scare you to death. Fight your way and kill all enemies.

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