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Harry Potter Adventure
Harry Potter needs to get back to her castle and fast! He must collect the magic potion and key on route and complete all three levels. Shoot or dodge the ghastly ghouls but look out for magic charms to help you on your way.

Sift Heads Re Assault 2
The sequel to the action shooter side game Sift Heads Assault with more rivals and new bloody challenges!

Nuclear Zombie 2000
Save chicks, and shoot the zombies and grab new types of guns in this very short sidescroller.

Sands of Doom
Make your way through the dark areas of the top-down action game 'Sands Of Doom'. Pick up items and gather even more powerful weapons.

The nasty fruits are after your pumpkin seedz, gather your vegetable forces and fight back on your patch. Plant wisely or your seedz may be stolen. This is a remake of Plants vs Zombies.

Armored Ashura Ultimate
A great horizontal shooting game, grab power up to perform various attack, get upgrade icon and finish all bosses

Demon OverKill
Demon themed first person shooter game. Play as a hero on a mission to survive the demon attack. Shoot your way through 10 waves of demon assault, unlock 6 trophies and beat the highscore.

Sesam Oppdrag Asgard
This is one very nice made platform action adventure game where you play a kind of viking.

Play Mega Mash! Take control of 7 characters in this Amazing corrupted game cart world! Game by

The Call
Here comes the action priest! Jump on the pillars and throw holy water at the evil ones.

Hokus-Pokus Bum
This is a version of the standard bomber game enriched in a few bonuses and figures of enemies who are trying to get your life.

Ghost Raider: Demon Duel
Eliminate all the zombies by smashing them using your powerful weapon the flaming metal chain and don't let any zombies touch you if that happened the game is over...

Swords and Sandals 2
Your ultimate goal is to defeat all the arena champions and reign as champion yourself struggling, try a different strategy.

Halloween Adventure
A somewhat difficult Halloween action game. Time your jumps and actions perfectly or you may die!

Mario's Halloween Pumpkin Jump
Mario has to use pumpkins and stars to climb all the way to the top and save the princess. How high can you get?

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