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Disgaea - Laharl Strikes Back
aharl has come back to kick you ass! get unlimited power , obtain the supreme yoshitsuna and super-robo-suit equips! Collect rare keys dropped from very intelligent and hard to beat monsters to unlock super hard stages .

Super B
Fly and shoot the entire war zone that's in front of you. Soldiers, tanks, and even flying bombers.

Firing Rage
Think your the master at shooting down targets? Time to step up and prove it! Warning: These targets shoot back!

Transformers Prime Demon Hunter
In this mission Transformers Prime have to find the way to escape this planet. Help Transformers Prime destroy all monster on his way.

Adventure Mitch and Survival Charley
Indiana Jones like retro platform game.

trampVSzombie 3
One billow zombies invaded our city again! This time there was no peas, no braver, the person whocan guard the house is only seemingly lost but heroic special Mr tramp. He will use tongue siddhi and vomiting practiced in the bottom of society...

Skies of War - Extended


Hobo 6 Hell Game
Hobo returns as he fights off demons in Hell. The same gross combos return along with a new ones.

Jingle Ballistics
Jingle Ballistics is a 1 on 1 classical-style 2D fighting game where Christmas characters battle it out to be the best fighter.

Alias 3
Only 5 letters and a number and you know what's cookin'! 'A.L.I.A.S 3' is here to bring you lots of badass action game fun.

Armor Dude
Defend the castle at all cost.

Armor Hero Infinite Dungeon
Armor Hero was trapped in monster's camp. He must find the way out. Could you help him? The goal is to find the exit as soon as possible. You can continue play after being attacked, but your score will decrease.

Pixel 2
Stay alive in this space shooter as you capture pixels and shoot them back at enemies.

Go For the Gold This Summer.

Do battle with the toughest fones ever to grow legs and fight.

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