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Super Awesome Taxi


Bumper Ball
Bump the ball and your opponent to make a goal!

Neon Race


Cars vs Guns
In a world invaded by cars, your job is to ensure that they can`t access your resources of gas. Use your heavy and powerful guns to destroy all the cars. Upgrade your guns as much as you can because is the only way you can survive. Try to last...

Fast Cars - Find the Differences
There are ten photos in front of you! In each and every picture is some great and fast car. This time your job isn’t to drive these quick automobiles you've got to discover differences between two images. Time is limited, so you've got to...

NY Cab Driver
Start the meter and rev up your engines!

Speedway Challenge
Race around the track as fast as you can in your super car!

Roadster Racers
Make good use of your arrow keys and start the race only if you think you are capable of winning the challenge.

Compete against friends or strangers around 3 laps of PeaKart, a fantastic little 3D flash racer.

Crazy Ambulance
Drive as fast as possible! Press the left and right arrow keys to steer, Up and down keys to control the speed and Space bar to jump.

Counting Hidden Cars
How many cars there are is a simple car-game where the player learns to count cars and trucks and to correctly identify the number corresponding to the number of cars on the game board.

Meet N Kiss
You have to meet your girl friend at the bus stop. Meet her before the time runs out. You will earn more points if you collect the bouquets on the way. Do not hit on any vehicle and obstacles, then you can't play further. Reach the girl in the...

Charlie Sheen: Winning


Slam Drift 2
Its Slam Drift time again! You are once again on the run from the police and have to get rid of them with bold maneuvers and risky driving. Use the Items wisely to shake the police cars off or let them crash into obstacles with your driving...

Traffic Policeman - Winter Edition
Manage the intersections as you control the cars and prevent any crashes from happening.

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