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Football Rush
Dodge, bash and dash past the opposition as you run to make the winning touchdown! Take advantage of four different power-ups along the way to aid you to victory!

Worldcup Fever
Take your country to the lead and be the one to take the world cup home.

Little Zizou Sock-Err
You can score points by both scoring a goal, and by targeting those obstructing you goal.

Basketball Shooting
Shoot the basketball at just the right time. Don't wait to long or you'll miss.

Wear The Shirt
Line up your soccer goal kick and try to get the ball past the goalie.

Puzzle Soccer World Cup
Choose your favorite team and win the Cup of the World facing 15 levels. Every level it is represented by a recognizable team by the colors of the balls that compose it.

Mad Monkey Mike
Mad Monkey Mike is riding on his bike through the jungle. He is participating in a championship. To become the best he has to perform some nice stunts. Help Mike to win the championship game.

Bratz Ice Champions
Choose the track you want to skate to, pick 6 favorites tricks and see your new routine!

Naruto and Ben 10
Try to help Naruto getting the ball to hit the ground on the other side of the court.

Football Madness
Avoid the defenses and score a touchdown. Watch the map from the inferior-right side.

Simple Snowboarding
Easy to play snowboarding! Master 6 hills hitting jumps, dodging trees and getting down the hill in one piece

Perform sick tricks while in the air! Do as many tricks as you can before time runs out.

Rolling Football 2
Sequel with more levels and also some upgrades. Solve the puzzles that expect you to drop shapes so all the balls could roll to the goal.

Grampa Grumble Field Goal Challenge
Kick the squirrel over the field goal. Watch your direction and kicking power.

Celebrity Smackdown
It's NOT Paris Hilton, Barry Bonds, Hilary Clinton, and Donald Rumsfeld. It's four fictional celebrities duking it out!

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